Program Themes

Each grade of our Religious Education Program exposes our children to a different theme of our Religious beliefs.  They reflect the basic line of traditional Catholic teachings:  CREED (God:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit), CODE (Morality), and CULT (Sacraments).


Creation and God's Love 

First Grade:

The Holy Trinity 

Second Grade:

Baptism and Reconciliation 

Third Grade:

Eucharist and The Mass 

Fourth Grade:

Christian Morality 

Fifth Grade:

The Seven Sacraments 

Sixth Grade:

Hebrew Scriptures 

Seventh Grade:

Christology, Catholicism 

Eighth Grade:

The Church, Social Issues 

Ninth Grade:

Confirmation I 

Tenth Grade:

Confirmation II 

Eleventh Grade:

The Bible:  Power and Promise, Challenge of Discipleship 

Twelfth Grade:

Young Adult Formation and Scripture Study 

Therefore it is very important that our children continue attending classes on a yearly basis throughout their school years.  It is strongly recommended that children begin attending Religoius Education classes upon entering Kindergarten in order for them to be adequately prepared and disposed to receive the Sacraments at the appropriate age.