Columbian Squires

In the news! First Squires activity

Saturday January 7, 2012

Knights, Juan Garcia and Richard Moreno held the first Squire activity.  The activity dealt with basic car maintenance. Participants, Romeo Hernandez, Rey Torres, Guillermo Vega, Daniel Hernandez, and Jorge Luis Rivera spend the morning learning basic car maintenance care.  Car care included checking oil levels, tire pressure, air filter, replace rear stop lights, and others.


Juan Garcia and Richard Moreno described basic essential tools needed.



The Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph are excited in forming Columbian Squires group at St. Joseph. Please checking website for more activities in the coming months.





 For information on how to join the Squires,  call or email Knight Juan Garcia at 956-498-6798      

 /    Richard Moreno at             956-472-4156